Leticia Lyra

Leticia Lyra has a revered career in communications, built throughout 20 years in global PR agencies, where she held senior and management positions in Brazil and the United States. In Brazil, she was appointed as one of the “Most Admired Professional” by PRScope, in 2014. Her experience includes Brand Strategy, Multi-platform Campaigns, Digital and Social Strategy, and Crisis Preparedness and Management.

In her career, she’d worked with different industries and companies, developing great knowledge in sectors as consumer products, health and wellness, pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism. Many of the programs she led were awarded by Brazilian and international institutions, like Sabre Awards and Excellence Awards.

As a co-founder of Talquimy, she is now implementing in the Brazilian market a new communications approach of integrated platforms and medias to build and consolidate brand value.

Leticia has a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. She is fluent in English, proficient in French and Spanish. She lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.