The concept of fluidity

is a primary characteristic of the world in which we now live and operate. In its radical form, it is characterized by the undermining, deterioration – and even ultimate collapse of traditional norms, structures and processes. Fluidity happens in both macro and microenvironments and it challenges organizations, brands and people to apply a very different approach to their thinking and actions.

When the idea of a Fluidity Curve (recognizing and planning for the ups and downs and constant changes versus a straight line of progress) is accepted, embraced and cultivated as part of your ecosystem, it can take all of us to new heights and unexpected places. But the current must be artfully navigated to skillfully surf the challenges and ride the waves of opportunity.

Live Thought Waves to Navigate
on the Fluidity Curve* of 2021

From the hearts and mind of our Fluid* Network members

We posed this question:

What is one of your top "thought waves" on the Fluidity Curve of 2021?

COVID Continuum or COVID Interrupt-us?

Tish Van Dyke

Globalization and Global Citizenship. Uniting Nations Vs Nationalism

Moritz Kaffsack

Climate Revisited

Peter McKillop

Intelligence and Expertise Pushes Back & Digs In

Lisa Collin

Female Leadership Without Compromise

Cornelia Kunze

Collaboration and the Fluid Workforce

Jamie Read


Mitch Markson

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To our Live Thought Waves on the Fluidity Curve of 2021. Or perhaps you'd like to share your own thought waves you've been navigating on the Fluidity Curve?

More thought waves will be revealed throughout the year and we’ll be hosting a variety of exchanges on these topics and more. Stay tuned.