Female Leadership Without Compromise

Cornelia Kunze

Is there a silver lining on the horizon for growing female leadership in this world? There are 29 countries whose head of state are female, among them Germany, Taiwan and New Zealand. Kamala Harris is the first female US Vice-President, the German parliament has agreed on a quota for women on executive boards and never before have more women been CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. (7% in 2020). While there is incredible room and need for improvement in gender diversity and inclusion, while progress seems fragile, especially against the backdrop of Covid-19, there is merit in an imaginary experiment: What would the next decade of female leadership without compromise look like? How can people, business and society benefit?

A whole new generation of leaders finally speaks up fearlessly, while those who are used to own the talk, learn to listen.

Un-(self)-censored ideas from a more diverse talent force makes innovation thrive.

Unlearning and learning for everybody will open our minds and challenging our views, so that fruitful collaboration among equals can focus on shared value, not individual gain.

Succession planning will become a diligent exercise, transparent and fair, bringing out the best in people. We don’t promote or hire the next leader, just because they are like us or generally “a good fit”. 

We empower and enable the next generation of leaders while respecting the experience of the previous generation. We don’t cut anybody`s wings. 

We don’t judge people on how they look, what language they speak and what they wear, but on the quality of their ideas, actions and results. 

Men and women will enjoy a better work-life-balance, as they divide up and conquer, enjoying more child- and elder-care and equal pay. 

Our work environment created by men based on past standards is questioned and will be turned into what could be a better future.

Female leadership without compromise brings out what was held back in the past and creates a better world and business.